Pop-Up Classroom

The American Academy of Pediatrics has weighed the benefits of mitigating measures such as school closures and concluded that the goal of the coming school year should start with all students physically present in school. In response to this call, SmartStart Education has developed a “Pop-Up Classroom” system to institute the necessary safety measures to ensure a high-quality learning environment, including social and emotional learning, for all students.

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Pop-Up Classroom features include:

  • Walls and ceiling made of PVC reinforced heavy-duty tenting.
  • Weatherproof with excellent ventilation.
  • Comfortable temperature year-round.
  • All electricity & internet.
  • A porta potty and hand sanitizing station for each classroom.
  • Classroom design adheres to CDC and state social distancing guidelines.
  • Design allows for maintaining socially-distant cohorts of students.
  • Desks, chairs, whiteboard and other classroom features.
  • Classrooms can be placed on any grass or concrete surface.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitation by our professional team.
  • Fast set-up and installation by our professional team.
  • Highly qualified teachers for each classroom are available.

Our smallest classrooms have space for 10 students and 1 teacher with prescribed social distancing. Pop-up classrooms allow for a safe return to school for students and teachers, while mitigating the threat of viral transmission. Students and teacher maintain a safe distance in the classroom, while being able to remain a cohort in a fully self-contained, safe environment.