Academic Intervention Services

SmartStart Education provides supplemental intervention instruction in ELA and math to small groups of identified students in grades K-12. These programs are designed for students who demonstrate the need for intensive academic intervention or require individualized attention in order to gain skills to assist in improving content understanding and raising test scores.

The objectives of the programs are to:

  • provide supplemental instruction in order to assist students to gain skills in areas of need. 
  • provide quality teaching in small groups averaging 6-8 students, using evidence-based materials, methods, and techniques. 
  • Collaborate with school administrators in order to focus on specific areas for which students need improvement. 
  • Assess students regularlusing pre-testspost-tests, and ongoing formative assessment in order to group students appropriately, develop individualized student learning plans, and determine student progress and program effectiveness; and Provide timely and ongoing reporting of student’s progress to the school’s administration. 

Our Academic Intervention Programs are taught by highly-qualified teachers who have experience working with students who are below grade-level. SmartStart’s AIS programs can be delivered pull-out or push-in, during the school day, afterschool, on weekends and during the summer