Professional Development

SmartStart Education’s professional development services, called TeachElite™, are designed around research-documented practices that enable educators to hone their teaching skills and bring best practices to the classroom. We understand the competing demands on teachers in today’s schools, so our work with teachers is rigorous and focused on supporting teachers on skills they need most in the modern classroom:

  • Effective Use of Technology 
  • Differentiated Instruction 
  • Assessment-based Instruction
  • Classroom Management 
  • Questioning and Discussion 
  • Best Practices for ELLs 

SmartStart Education provides workshops and classroom coaching. Both are available in-person and virtually.

Knowledgeable and Skilled Specialists

SmartStart Education employs knowledgeable and skilled specialists in order to provide the best support for effective curriculum implementation, instructional methods, and assessment practices. Our staff developers have:

  • Significant teaching experience (minimum 5 years) 
  • Experience leading teachers through the process of learning and employing new instructional models and best practices 
  • At least 3 years of experience with coaching, professional development and teacher leadership 
  • Excellent writing, interpersonal and verbal communication skills 
  • Expertise with ELL and Special Education students