Study Skills Workshops

SmartStart Education’s study skills workshops are designed to help students in middle- and high-school with their academic and social-emotional needs. Our workshops can be delivered during school, afterschool, on weekends and during summer. 

Time Management: Creating principles and actions within a given window of opportunity in order to achieve a goal

Close Reading: Developing habits to increase mastery of relevant text

Note Taking: Creating a personalized form of retaining useful information

Building Memory: Teaching actions which improve info retention/recall

Organization: Developing a process of managing supportive elements within a space

Test-Taking Strategies: Test management and preparation

Self-Awareness: Understanding which character traits and emotions motivate or distract us from being productive and behaving constructively

Self-Evaluation: Honestly evaluating progress toward a goal to improve productivity

Our instructors are passionate, engaging and connect with students. Many of our instructors are bilingual in English and Spanish.