Long-Term Substitutes

No risk search and placement of long-term substitutes in any subject matter:

SmartStart Education has placed hundreds of long-term substitute teachers, tutors, and deans into multiple school districts, including Washington D.C. Public Schools, New York City Department of Education, and Baltimore City Public Schools.

Our Difference:

• No search fees

• Simple and transparent contracts

• Pre-employment background screenings in compliance with your district’s requirements

• Administration and onboarding of educators before entering your classrooms

• Ongoing communication and collaboration with SmartStart management

• End of contract term evaluations for continued program improvements

High Quality and Results-Focused Teaching Staff:

SmartStart Education continually surveys administrators of the schools where our teachers are placed to gauge:

  • Communication levels
  • Teaching effectiveness
  • Goal Achievement

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists, all former educators, hire high quality teachers with the following experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher 
  • At least one year of classroom experience
  • In-depth subject knowledge

SmartStart Education’s school partnerships increased by 20% last year as a result of principal referrals to colleagues.