Helping solve school districts’ staffing and student achievement challenges since 2007

SmartStart Education is a diversified provider of educational services. We partner with districts and schools to help ensure all students have the academic skills necessary to succeed in the global community.

We can help you find teachers qualified in any subject matter. We’ve not only hired math and ELA teachers, but have also placed teachers in specialty subjects such as: sewing, music, forensics, French, Spanish, visual arts and environmental science.

Proven Success:

During the 2020-2022 school years, SmartStart Education placed over 150 long term substitute teachers into the Washington D.C., New York and Baltimore public school districts. Placements included a high percentage of ELA and math teaches as well as a Dean of Students hire.

In addition, we hired close to 40 academic and intervention service teachers and tutors to work in districts located in New York, Maryland, Connecticut and Virginia.

  • Long-term substitutes teachers in all subjects
  • In-school academic intervention services and tutoring in all subjects
  • After school and weekend virtual tutoring in all subjects

We are a proven, results-focused K-12 instructional solutions provider offering highly-qualified substitutes and staff in any subject.