We Solve K-12 Staffing & High-Dosage Tutoring Needs.

About Us

SmartStart Education, LLC is an academic solutions company led by experienced educators. 

K-12 Staffing Solutions: SmartStart partners with districts and schools to provide the best education professionals to fill long-term substitute and administrative staff vacancies. 

High-Dosage Tutoring Programs: Additionally, SmartStart offers comprehensive high-dosage tutoring programs including in-class, face-to-face high-dosage tutoring as well as online academic support to help struggling students catch up to grade level.

Why Choose Us

Time Savings

We do the heavy lifting of hiring, managing, and paying our educators. This allows your human resources staff to focus on district goals.


Our aim is to provide knowledgeable and experienced instructors whose sole focus is to help students achieve their full academic potential.


SmartStart team members effectively communicate with you and your staff in order to understand classroom requirements and goals.

experienced educators

Our Talent Acquisition Team and Administrative Staff are all experienced K-12 educators who know how to find the best people to fulfill your needs.


Partner with us now to help your students unlock their greatest potential!

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