SmartStart Education recognizes the importance of exceptional leadership, mentorship and teaching practice. We are a team of administrators, teachers, and academics with the experience and expertise to help districts and schools achieve their educational goals.

SmartStart Education was founded to improve the quality of education that students receive. We are committed to helping students reach their full potential through academic and educational opportunities.

Our Vision:

Our vision of quality education incorporates the following seven pillars:

  • A multi-dimensional approach to teaching and learning that includes effective use of technology in order to engage students.
  • Exceptional teachers with subject matter expertise and the ability to connect with students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Setting high standards and expecting excellence from all students.
  • Parental involvement in child(ren)’s education.
  • Quality leadership from district officials, principals, and teacher leaders.
  • A global, digital perspective that helps students understand their role in the world and who they will be competing with in a global economy.
  • An interdisciplinary approach to instruction that helps students contextualize their academic knowledge and understanding in terms of real-world challenges and opportunities.

SmartStart Mission:

SmartStart Education’s mission is to work as a team to ensure that every student has ongoing access to high-quality, empowered educators, who can help each student to realize their full academic potential.