Helping Bridge Learning Gaps Since 2007

Helping Bridge
Student Learning Gaps
Since 2007

We place quality tutors, experienced in any subject matter, who are dedicated to helping your students achieve their greatest potential. 


How We Can Help:

  • We offer tutors experienced in any subject matter to meet your students’ learning needs.
  • Our teachers work, in-person, one-on-one, or in small groups, during classroom times or in pull out sessions.
  • On-line tutoring is available virtually during after school hours and on weekends.
  • Our employees are background checked and meet all district requirements. 

Proven Learning Outcomes:

Our history of assisting students in achieving learning goals is essential in helping them find sucess both in and out of the classroom. We’ve shared in the joy of providing the extra support necessary to help students succeed. Our results are proven. Following are an example of our key measures: 


  • 85% of SmartStart Students showed at leat a 10% improvement from pre to post test in at least one component of literacy.
  • Nearly 1/2 increased their test scores by more than 60% in at least one measure on the National Council of Teachers Math Standards.
  • 88% of SmartStart ELL students improved pre to post test scores by at least 10%, with 52% increasing scores by 25% or more.
  • 77% of students with special needs improved pre to post test scores by 10%, with 37% bettering scores by at least 25% or more.
  • 88% of classroom teachers surveyed reported better academic performance in class and during the school day.
  • 87% of teachers said students were engaged in classroom instruction and gained self-confidence
  • 97% of parents surveyed agreed, or strongly agreed, they were satisfied with our programs and would want to enroll their child again. 

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