July Principal Spotlight: Dominique De Biaso

Celebrating Success: SmartStart Tutors Make a Difference at Noble Academy


At SmartStart Education, we take immense pride in our mission to provide top-notch educational staffing and tutoring services to schools across the nation. One of our standout partnerships has been with Noble Academy in Columbus, Ohio. In a recent conversation with Dominique De Biaso, the esteemed principal of Noble Academy, it became clear just how impactful our tutors have been in transforming the educational experiences of the students there.

A Partnership Built on Communication and Flexibility

Dominique shared that Noble Academy began working with SmartStart in December, thanks to additional funding for high-dosage tutoring. From the outset, what set SmartStart apart was our consistent communication and unwavering commitment to meeting the school’s specific needs. Dominique highlighted that throughout the selection process, our team was always proactive in providing necessary information and follow-ups, ensuring no question was left unanswered. This level of engagement was a crucial factor in choosing SmartStart over other companies.

Our flexibility also played a significant role. Noble Academy has a very specific schedule, and the ability of our tutors to adapt without disrupting the school’s routine was a huge advantage. Dominique emphasized that our tutors seamlessly integrated into the existing structure, which was not the case with other companies they considered.

Quality Tutors Making a Tangible Impact

Dominique expressed her appreciation for the quality of our tutors. Our rigorous standards, requiring tutors to have a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of teaching experience, along with continuous training, ensured that Noble Academy received the best. Specifically, she praised Miss Carly and Miss Olivia, who were instrumental in the program’s success. Their warmth, flexibility, and ability to work in diverse and sometimes challenging environments made them invaluable assets to the school.

Remarkable Student Growth and Engagement

The real testament to our program’s success, however, lies in the results. Dominique shared that the growth in academic performance among students, particularly in English Language Arts (ELA) for grades K-5, was remarkable. Students who participated in SmartStart tutoring sessions showed significant improvements, often outpacing their peers. She mentioned that every student in kindergarten through second grade made progress, with many reaching or nearing grade level.

Teachers at Noble Academy also noticed this positive change. One teacher even commented on the “off the charts” growth of the SmartStart students, attributing their impressive progress to the dedication and effectiveness of our tutors.

Students not only improved academically but also developed a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Dominique noted that students eagerly attended tutoring sessions, a testament to the engaging and supportive environment our tutors created.

Looking Ahead with Pride

Hearing Dominique’s glowing feedback reinforces the importance of the work we do at SmartStart. Our tutors are not just filling in gaps; they are making a lasting impact on students’ educational journeys. This success story from Noble Academy is a reminder of the significant difference we can make in schools across the nation.

To all SmartStart employees, your hard work and dedication are truly making a difference. Let’s continue to provide exceptional support and inspire students to reach their full potential.