Texas Approved Vendor Tutoring Exposition

We are a result-focused K-12 instructional service provider, offering long-term substitute and tutoring staffing solutions.

Impactful Tutorting: 

  • K-12th grade
  • All subject areas
  • In-person during the school day
  • Virtual sessions offered after school and on weekends
  • Aligned to Texas Testing Standards
  • Seamless and organized implementation
  • Data management and reporting
Download an information sheet
Download an information sheet

High Quality, Long-Term Substitutes:

  • No search fees
  • Simple and transparent contracts
  • Pre-employment background screenings in compliance with your district’s requirements
  • Evaluation and onboarding of educators before entering your classrooms
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with SmartStart management
  • End of contract term evaluations for continued program improvements

(NO RISK Placement Services) 

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