High-Impact Tutoring With Proven Results

SmartStart Education was an early adopter of high-impact tutoring (HIT). Our CEO, Dr. Isaak Aronson, is a Senior Lecturer at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, an institution which was pivotal in the research and development of HIT. SmartStart was fortunate to have the early influence and guidance of a founder  of HIT that formed the foundation for the development of SmartStart’s HIT programs.  

Seven Key Elements for a Successful Program:

SmartStart Education’s high-impact program success is founded on principles of solid research that has shown students who have participated in this type of program have gained an additional one to two years of math and an additional year of learning in English language arts, on top of what they learned in the classroom, compared to nonparticipants. It is for this reason that HIT has been coined “the most effective program for improving student achievement.”

SmartStart’s HIT tutoring programs are effective because we embed the following hallmarks of successful programming:

  1. SmartStart aims to run its HIT programs during the school day whenever possible. In addition, we have the capacity to reach additional students by offering before and after-school tutoring, as well as tutoring sessions on weekends and during school breaks. SmartStart also offers virtual tutoring, one-on-one or in small groups.
  2. Our HIT programs can be offered up to 5 days per week and range in length from 30 to 90 minutes per session.
  3. We limit our tutoring sessions to four students or less to provide in-depth help for each child.
  4. SmartStart’s Talent Acquisition Team is comprised of experienced educators who hand select the most qualified tutors with the requisite content mastery and teaching experience. We provide our tutors with continual oversight and ongoing, stimulating and cutting-edge training.
  5. Our tutors are carefully monitored, using a virtual clock-in system with location identification, so we know that tutors arrive at the correct location on-time and leave on-time.  
  6. SmartStart HIT programs use data to assess our effectiveness at improving student learning. Our tutors work with your staff to make regular adjustments based on this data. 
  7. Our tutors use engaging materials that are aligned with both Texas state standards and research in order to help students quickly grasp concepts and apply their knowledge in the classroom setting. 

SmartStart uses a proprietary 360° algorithm, developed by Founder/CEO, Isaak Aronson, for evaluation of its tutoring programs. 


Backed By Our Dedicated Team:

Our Talent Acquisition Team is comprised of educational professionals who are able to scout knowledgeable and passionate tutors. SmartStart searches and screens candidates who bring experience in helping students realize and achieve their academic full academic potential. 

Our tutors work directly with your teaching staff to understand each student’s weaknesses and develop a learning plan that will enable each student to make significant gains in mastering the curriculum.

SmartStart has an experienced and professional team that is dedicated to helping students realize their full potential, while working with schools to meet their educational needs.

Our program directors, program managers, curriculum coordinator and administrative staff communicates with your school administration, teachers and staff to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.knowledgeable and passionate tutors.