Helping Schools to Bridge Student Learning Gaps Since 2007

SmartStart Education is an academic solutions company led by experienced educators who provide proven, results-focused, preK-12 instructional solutions. We have been providing high-quality educational services for 15 years, delivering learning programs that improve academic achievement, enhance self-esteem, raise test scores, and promote excellence in teaching and learning. 

SmartStart Education has served over 35,000 students, attending hundreds of schools in over 100 districts. 

Programs Geared to Get Results:

SmartStart offers various tutoring options to meet your students’ and staffs’ needs. We partner with you to determine the best options available and, together, design a program that will deliver the best results for struggling students. 

Our services include:

  • Small Groups and one-on-one
  • High-dosage tutoring
  • Programs for academically disadvantaged students and underachievers
  • Programs for English Language Learners and Special Education students
  • Tutoring programs for preK-12 schools

Passionate About Academic Success:

Our Talent Acquisition Team is comprised of educational professionals who are able to scout knowledgeable tutors who are passionate about learning and teaching. SmartStart searches and screens candidates who bring experience in helping students realize and achieve their academic full potential. 

Our tutors work directly with your teaching staff to understand each student’s weaknesses and develop a learning plan that will enable each student to make significant gains in mastering the curriculum.

Backed By a Dedicated Team

SmartStart has an experienced and professional team that is dedicated to helping students realize their full potential, while working with schools to meet their educational needs. We provide a dedicated program director, manager curriculum coordinator and administrative staff that communicates with your school administration, teachers and staff to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

In addition, SmartStart uses a virtual clock-in system with location identification, so we know that tutors arrived at the correct location on-time and leave on-time.

Attentive Program Oversite:

SmartStart uses a proprietary 360° algorithm for evaluation of its tutoring programs. The methodology and algorithm were developed by the Founder/CEO, Isaak Aronson, who holds a PhD in Education Policy and Leadership, is a Senior Lecturer at Johns Hopkins School of Education, and has extensive experience developing and managing complex program evaluations.  Dr. Aronson also oversees the program evaluation process.

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