New Grant Funding Available for School Energy Improvements:

The U.S. Department of Energy recently
announced the availability of new grant funds to help public schools with clean energy improvements. 

 The Renew America’s Schools grant offers districts the opportunity to make upgrades to facilities that will lower energy costs in order to provide healthier learning environment for students

Schools are invited to apply for the first round of funding which makes available $80 million of the $500 million grant program. 

Details of the application include:

Topic Area 1 – High-Impact Energy Efficiency and Health Improvements

Proposals considered under this topic area will include energy improvements that result in direct reduction to school energy costs, increase energy efficiency, and lead to improvements in teacher and student health, including indoor air quality. Energy cost savings may be realized by reduced loads and/or by demand flexibility and demand response approaches.

Topic Area 2 – Innovative Energy Technology Packages

Proposals considered under this topic include innovative energy technology packages. Applicants may include any improvement, repair, or renovation to a school that incorporates two or more of the following energy improvements:

  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Installation of renewable energy technologies
  • Alternative fueled vehicle infrastructure on school grounds
  • Purchase or lease of alternative fueled vehicles to be used by a school


To learn more about the applying for the grant, click the link below: